Home Spot is a multi-functional community center created for the purpose of establishing a welcoming and dependable haven for refugees by offering a range of educational and recreational services for both children and adults. A community center built to run with the refugees, it was co-created by two non-profit organizations, AMG and OM, in response to the huge humanitarian crisis so many countries have been faced with.


Our mission is to establish an all-welcoming community of people from different nations. We create spaces and opportunities that make people feel like home, build a strong network between them and fill the interpersonal gaps that have been plaguing our daily lives. Through various means of assistance, such as social, educational and practical, we nourish supportive relationships that increase people’s wellbeing, both physical and mental.


Home Spot is a compound word that came to replace ‘hotspot’, the name that was given to the refugee and migrant reception centers. Unlike hotspots, which were created with the purpose of filtering people, Home Spot was created to be a place much like a home, a place where love can be found.


In 2007, two non-profit organizations, AMG International and OM voiced their concerns regarding the ever-growing displacement of people by establishing a humanitarian community space that educates, entertains and most importantly accepts everyone that walks through its doors. Home Spot was established in Lavrio, the southest tip of Attica, to serve both refugee camps in Lavrio, as well as the one in Sounio.